Favorite Picturebooks About Libraries and Librarians

Is there any wonder that those of us that love libraries also love books about librarians and libraries? There are a number of wonderful picturebooks that can show children to true magic of a library, how to unlock its joys, and how  to behave there. These books can remind adults and introduce young children to the many reasons why our libraries, regardless of the form they take, are such special places.

Bats at the Library by Brian Lies.
Bored with another normal, inky evening, bats discover an open library window and fly in to enjoy the photocopier, water fountain, and especially the books and stories found there.

The Library Pages by Carlene Morton, illustrations by Valeria Docampo.
Mrs. Heath is horrified when she sees the changes the students have made while she is on maternity leave and wonders if her wonderful library will ever be the same.

Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk.
Sam, a shy but creative mouse who lives in a library, decides to write and illustrate his own stories which he places on the shelves with the other library books but when children find the tales, they all want to meet the author. If you find this book particularly fun, there are a series of books that chronicle Sam’s library adventures.

The Librarian of Basra: A True Story From Iraq by Jeanette Winter.
In spite of looming war, librarian Alia Muhammed Baker was able to save the books from the library of Basra by moving them to safety. Simple forms and deep colors in a naïve style evoke the war without being explicit. The bravery and action of one person celebrates both everyday heroism and books as a unifying force.

Tomás and the Library Lady by Pat Mora, Illustrated by Raúl Colón.
While helping his family in their work as migrant laborers far from their home, Tomás finds an entire world to explore in the books at the local public library.

If those are already favorites in your house, or they are all currently checked out, then here are some more books to help keep you turning pages; No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou written by Rhonda Gowler Greene, That Book Woman written by Heather Henson, Library Lion written by Michelle Knudsen, Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes, Stella Louella’s Runaway Book by Lisa Campbell Ernst. and There’s a Dragon in the Library by Dianne de Las Casas. Did I leave out a great picturebook about libraries or librarians?

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