My Angry Birds Obsession

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to Angry Birds.

It started innocently enough. When I got my new iPhone, my daughter said the game was fun and urged me to download the app. Why not, I thought. Everyone else was doing it.

At first, it seemed harmless. Cute little angry birds smashing fat, smug-looking pigs into oblivion. I quickly became adept.

And then new birds were introduced. They did cool things like explode and split into three separate birds. I learned which were good against glass and which against the wood structures those grinning little pigs erected. The exploding bird was great for stone. I got an unholy satisfaction from blowing pigs up.

IAngry5 even found a great book, Learn to Draw Angry Birds. Now I could doodle Angry Birds in the moments when I couldn’t play the game.

Soon, it was no longer enough to just win a level with one star. I had to get three stars. ON EVERY GAME. I would try for hours to get that lone two-star game up to three stars. One-star wins began to feel like losses.

That should have been a warning sign, but I was too far gone. I conquered all the levels in the original Angry Birds game. I needed more. On to Angry Birds Rio. I ran my phone down playing Angry Birds.

My daughter must have seen my plight, for she intervened. She introduced me to Trivia Crack.

Gee, I thought. Everyone else is doing it. It seems harmless…


If you can’t get enough of Angry Birds, here are some more titles to feed your addiction… Um, I mean, give you more information.

Angry   Angry2   Angry3    Angry6     Angry4

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