Designing with Duct Tape

Duct tape is a marvel for emergency repairs to home, boat, shoes, and much more. However, this wonder has also found many more uses by those with too much time on their hands or a giant creative streak. These days some people are selling duct tape art work, clothing, accessories and more to help pay their bills. I have seen wallets, purses, hats, ties, dresses, jackets, and more created with just imagination and duct tape. The assorted colors and custom patterns that manufacturers are making duct tape with only help those looking to create rather than simply repair items with this study and versatile adhesive.

Would you like to try your hand at creating with duct tape, want to create a craft project to keep hands busy, or are just curious about the hows and whys of creating with duct tape? Well, have we got the books for you.


Stick It!

Stick it! : 99 D.I.Y. Duct Tape Projects by T. L. Bonaddio is a great place to start. This book is geared towards young adults and adults complete with folders and detailed step-by-step directions to walk readers through 99 duct tape craft projects in a full range of difficulty levels. Some of the craft ideas included are bracelets, flip-flops, wallets, purses, and pillows. I highly suggest stocking up a variety of colored duct tapes before trying your hand at any of these projects.


Kids; Guide to Duct Tape Projects

The Kids’ Guide to Duct Tape Projects by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt is a great place for the younger set to get started with duct tape creations. This book contains complete instructions for eight relatively easy duct tape projects in a step-by-step format along with safety tips and a craft glossary to help newcomers to crafting in general get started. Projects included here are a book cover, cell phone pouch, wallet, rose, picture frame, game board, and a couple of fashion items.


The Duct Tape Book

For those not quite ready to jump in with both feet, but not so nervous that they want to go for the children’s book, I suggest starting in the middle with The Duct Tape Book : 25 Projects to Make with Duct Tape. This book, as the title promises, offers a selection instruction to 25 duct tape creations. With the help of this book you can create formal wear, puppets, purses, hats, picture frames, and more.

If this selection of duct tape books only wets your appetite and make you eager for more, simply stop in the library and we can help you find what you need to met your creative interests!

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