Thirty Years of Phantom of the Opera

Screen-Shot-2011-09-14-at-3.16.10-PMThis October marks the 30th anniversary of the debut of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera and we’re celebrating on Saturday, October 1st with a showing of the 25th anniversary production filmed on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London. This lavish performance stars Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess. (Can’t wait for October 1st? Download the 25th anniversary performance from hoopla.)

Phantom originated as a novel by Gaston Leroux that takes place in the Paris Opera House. Nearly everyone connected with the opera house has felt the phantom’s vague, troubling presence. But only Christine Daae will  learn the secret of why the man who has made the tunnels beneath Paris his private domain must forever hide his face behind a mask. Part horror story, part historical romance, and part detective thriller, the tale of a masked, disfigured musical genius is familiar to millions of readers, as well as to movie and theater-goers. Leroux’s phantom is darker and, yes, crazier than the phantom of stage and screen and a comparison of the original story to the play and movie adaptations is a must for all Phantom fans.

So read the book, listen to an audio version, watch the movies and then join us at the library on October 1st to see the ultimate stage production of the longest running musical of all time.

Phantom2And don’t forget! The elusive Phantom himself will be on hand to pose for pictures before and after the show!




Jacket1The Phantom of the Opera downloadable audiobook




Jacket2The Phantom of the Opera DVD.

The  2005 movie starring Gerard Butler.



jacket3The Phantom of the Opera downloadable movie.

The original version starring Lon Chaney!


Jacket4The Phantom of the Opera

The original novel.

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