Flowers Are Blooming

flowers 2

Everywhere you look, there are beautiful flowers blooming.  Nature’s artwork is a feast for the eyes.  Another feast for the eyes, is a good book to read.  To continue with the  flower theme, here’s a list of fiction books with ‘flower’ in the title.  Pick a title, find a beautiful place to sit, and enjoy your reading!

language of flowersThe Language of Flowers – Vanessa Diffenbaugh.
Discovering the symbolic meanings of flowers while languishing in the foster-care system, 18-year-old Victoria is hired by a florist, a situation that leads to a romantic prospect and the confrontation of a painful secret from her past.

all the flowers are dyingAll The Flowers Are Dying – Lawrence Block.
Matthew Scudder, with his eye keenly on retirement, unofficially investigates the suspicious online suitor of an acquaintance, and finds his own life in grave danger.


send no flowersSend No Flowers – Sandra Brown.
Since the death of her husband, Alicia Russell has struggled to take care of her two young sons alone. Now fiercely independent, she is determined to never again depend on another person. But when a sudden storm threatens to ruin a family camping trip, Alicia finds it hard to say no to a stranger offering a night’s refuge–especially when the man playing hero offers much more than shelter from the storm.

a hundred flowersA Hundred Flowers – Gail Tsukiyama.
A tale set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution follows the struggles of Kai Ying to safeguard her family when her teacher husband is arrested and sent to a “reeducation” labor camp for criticizing the Communist Party.


the blood of flowersThe Blood of Flowers – Anita Amirrezani.
After her father dies without leaving her with a dowry, a seventeenth-century Persian teen becomes a servant to her wealthy rug designer uncle in the court of Shah Abbas the Great, where her weaving talents prove both a blessing and curse.


flowers on mainFlowers on Main – Sherryl Woods.
When she abandons Chicago and returns home to open a flower shop, writer Bree O’Brien finds her new life anything but peaceful when her estranged mother arrives and her former lover, Jake Collins, tries to run her out of town.

war of flowersThe War of Flowers – Tad Williams.
When his music career becomes stagnant, thirty-year-old Theo Vilmos seeks solace in a secluded cabin in the woods where he discovers an old book written by his great-uncle that transports him into the terrifying world of Faerie – a strange and dangerous place that holds the key to his destiny.

queen of the flowersQueen of the Flowers – Kerry Greenwood.
Chosen Queen of the Flowers for St. Kilda’s first Flower Parade festival, Phryne Fisher finds the glamour of her crown wearing off when one of her attendants vanishes. She launches her own investigation, which is complicated by the disappearance of her adopted daughter Ruth and a not-so-pleasant reunion with an old lover.

all the flowers in shangAll The Flowers in Shanghai – Duncan Jepson.
A young Chinese woman plots revenge after being forced into a cruel arranged marriage in 1930s Shanghai as the entire country begins to become gripped in a growing call for revolution.


art of arranging flowersThe Art of Arranging Flowers – Lynne Branard.
After 20 years as an intuitive florist who has helped her friends, neighbors, and customers with their romances, celebrations, and sympathy gestures, Ruby Jewell looks to the power of that community to heal her floundering spirit after her sister’s death.


Snow Flower and the Secret Fansnow flower and – Lisa See.
A story of friendship set in nineteenth-century China follows an elderly woman and her companion as they communicate their hopes, dreams, joys, and tragedies through a unique secret language.


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