At the Library: Books and Bunnies

If someone asks me what I do as a librarian, I know just what to say. I get to hold bunnies.

Tika the GeckoTo be specific, I held a lovely bunny named Milkshake. He and his brother Truffle were visiting the library as part of Story Stars, a program from Teaching Creatures. Rae, the presenter, read two stories to the kids, one about a bunny and another about a gecko. Milkshake and Truffle then made their appearance along with Tika, the leopard gecko.

Tika was small and spotted and not afraid of the crowd at all. She crawled happily over Rae’s hands and then delighted everyone by eating a snack of live mealworms.

Truffle the BunnyMilkshake and Truffle hopped around on a small tarp in the center of a circle of young children. I did my best to take pictures and learned that the phrase “quick like a bunny” is not just a myth. I have several nicely blurred images of two rabbits scooting across the floor. I did, as you can see, manage to get one nice shot of Truffle.

But then came the highlight of the program. Rae picked up Truffle to let each child have a chance to pet him. I got to pick up Milkshake.

I had never held a rabbit before. I had seen rabbits, petted them, and looked up information about them, but never got to hold one. He was soft and warm and surprisingly solid in my arms, just like a newborn baby.

I am a librarian. I provide information. I can navigate online databases. I am a social media maven. And I get to hold bunnies.


To take a look at upcoming programs at the Cheshire Public Library, check out our Calendar of Events.

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