Eric Hill, Author of Spot Books, Has Passed Away

Eric Hill, author and illustrator of the Spot books has passed away at the age of 86 on Friday June 6th. If you have ever read a board book or picture book about the sweet but mischievous puppy named Spot, you have seen his work. My children loved the Spot books, especially the interaction of lifting the flaps on each page to see who or what is hiding behind them.

The first Spot book, Where’s Spot?, was published in 1980 and has since sold over 60 million copies around the world according to the Penguin Young Readers Group. There was even an animated series based on Hill’s books.  For more information on this author and his work, take a look at the author page dedicated to him at Penguin or here on the site all about Spot.

Do you have any favorite Spot books? I know that I have a couple personal copies with missing flaps that I just cannot part with because of my memories attached to the books and the times when my children were young enough to love Spot. Here are a list of the ten Spot books that remember most, and enjoyed with my children. Do you have a different favorite?

1. Where’s Spot?

2. Spot’s First Walk

3. Spot Loves His Mommy

4. Spot Loves His Daddy

5. Spot Goes to School

6. Spot Bakes a Cake

7. Spot Goes to the Library

8. Spot’s Balloon

9. Spot’s First Words

10. Spot’s First Numbers

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