Linda Reads: Some Like It Hot by Susan Andersen

New York Times, USAToday and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author Susan Andersen’s newest book, Some Like It Hot, is a heart- warming romance and the second title in her Razor Bay series.

Harper Summerville has taken over for her beloved late father as the investigator of needy non-profit organizations to see if they meet the guidelines of her family’s philanthropic foundation.  Like her father, she loves the vagabond lifestyle, but her mother wants her to settle somewhere permanent.  Her latest job leads her to Razor Bay, Washington where she works undercover at the local resort so she can evaluate the Cedar Village home for troubled boys.  She is an energetic, fun loving, and independent woman.  Even though Harper is uncharacteristically attracted to the town of Razor Bay, she has every intention of leaving as soon as her evaluation of Cedar Village is done.

Max Bradshaw recently returned to Razor Bay after serving as a Marine and works for the local sheriff’s office.  He’s a pretty reserved and quiet guy who is trying to overcome some demons from his childhood.  His emotional baggage from his childhood makes him the perfect volunteer at Cedar Village.  He’s determined to make a new, permanent life in Razor Bay.

There are sparks when Max and Harper first meet, but they are both determined not to give in to any attraction they have because they have entirely different goals in life.  But sometimes, the heart just doesn’t want to listen to the brain!  Their relationship bounces from highs to lows and bottoms out when Max finds out why Harper is really in Razor Bay.

This is a wonderful story, with relatable characters and sensual romance.  It blends family, friends and romance into an intriguing and believable story that takes place in a beautiful setting.

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