Linda reads: Barefoot In The Sun by Roxanne St Clair

This is book 3 of the Barefoot Bay series.  You do not have to read them in order, however if you would like to, the first book is Barefoot in the Sand, the second book is Barefoot in the Rain.

Zoe Tamarin has been on the run since she was a child when her neighbor, Pasha, rescued her from a nightmare foster home.  They’ve lived in the shadows, never staying in one place too long, not being able to live any sort of normal life.  Zoe did manage to fall in love along the way, however, with Dr. Oliver Bradbury and decides to confess that she’s really not who he thinks she is.  The confession and Oliver’s reaction go very badly and Zoe, once again, disappears.

Oliver marries another woman, has a child, divorces the woman, and moves to Florida with his son to start a new life in a new medical practice that helps cancer patients with new, experimental techniques.  It is a coincidence that both Zoe and Oliver end up in the same Florida town.

When Zoe discovers that Pasha has terminal cancer, she seeks out Oliver to see if he will help (albeit, under the radar as Pasha cannot reveal her true identity).  This proves to be a difficult task, as Pasha is too frightened her past will be discovered, and Oliver and Zoe do not trust each other.

The chemistry between Zoe and Oliver is explosive, but their resentment and outside influences interfere with their quest to reconcile.  Both have heart-wrenching secrets that each needs to help the other overcome.   Will Zoe run again or stay and fight for the life and love she yearns for?

This is a heartwarming, emotional story of love, loss and the quest for happily ever after.

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