From the Reference Desk : Penguin Lives Series

Do you want to get a good overview of the life of a famous historical figure but don’t have the time to plough through an 800 page book of his or her life?  Try some short biographies for easy reading this summer.  Penguin Group Book Publishers has published the “Penguin Lives Series,” and Cheshire Library owns 29 of the titles.  The average length of these books is under 200 pages.   This is a beautifully designed, innovative series of biographies pairing celebrated writers with famous individuals who have shaped our thinking.

biosHere is a sample of the wide variety of biography subjects available: Julia ChildElvis (Presley of course), Andy Warhol, Leonardo da Vinci, Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert E. Lee, Buddha, Mozart, and Crazy Horse.

For a complete listing of all of these titles, go to the library’s online catalog.  In the search box, enter penguin lives then choose the series tab.  All of these books are shelved in the biography section, located on the library’s lower level.

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