Books for LEGO Lovers

Do you still love LEGOs? Does someone in your family love LEGOs? They are more then just a great toy, and a danger when walking barefoot. LEGOs can be used to make engineering marvels, works of art, and just about anything you can imagine as long as you have all the right pieces. There are many books that demonstrate the wide-spread love of LEGOs. Here are some of the books I recommend for LEGO fans for all age groups.

Amazing ABC

There are board books for the youngest fans. Some that can be used to help teach the ABC’s, like the Amazing ABC: an Alphabet Book of Lego Creations by Sean Kenney,while others just make all of us marvel at the effort the creators have put into creating the images used to illustrate the books.  There are also easy readers that show off some fabulous LEGO work, and use some favorite characters from books and television to capture the imagination. Cool Castles, books that feature Star Wars characters built from LEGOs, as well at the LEGO Ninjago series, which are popular for emerging readers.

The LEGO Book

Books can be found that simply feature the wide variety of pieces that LEGO creates, including ideas for things to build and encyclopedias that list and describe the specific LEGO pieces created around a specific book or movie series. The LEGO Book shares the history behind LEGO bricks. It includes a timeline which highlights key moments in LEGO history and includes new and updated information about LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Friends, and much more. There are also the Lego Harry Potter bookLEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, and many more to feed any mind eager to learn about the seemingly endless supply of LEGOs.

Simple Machines

For our builders that do not want to just look at all the amazing things others have done, but want some inspiration and instruction on how to expand their own building abilities, there are books for them as well!  You can study the step by step images and create your own Simple Machines, Wheeled Wonders, and Fantastic Contraptions.

If all this LEGO fun and wonder is not enough for you, then stop by the library and check out the creations the members of the Builder Brigade have built. This is a monthly program, for children ages 7 and up which allows children to work alone or in groups in order to use their creativity and design buildings, creatures, and more using Lego and Mega blocks. For more information, news, and photos take a look at the Builder’s Brigade Blog here.

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