Why Do The Classics Matter?

You had to read them in high school, or maybe for a coCLASSICllege English class. Some you may have liked, some you may have hated. There may have been titles you really wanted to read, but never quite got to. Some may have even been banned in your area of the country.

What are they? They are “the classics”.

Works of fiction that are considered classics have stood the test of time, have something important to say about their contemporary time period, or were a “first” of some kind. They are not daunting, or scary, or frightening to read.

Why read a classic? For all of the reasons listed above.  Reading a classic tells you something about a particular time period, or the thoughts, feelings, prejudices, motives of contemporary people. They tell us something about us as people. You may find that we are not that different than some of these infamous literary characters.

Many of us have read only a small selection of the world’s greatest books. The Cheshire Cats Classics is a book club for people who want to delve deeper into the world of classics to discover people, places and things which have become a part of our culture.

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