Book Review – Sex And The Single Fireman by Jennifer Bernard

This is book three of Jennifer Bernard’s sizzling series ‘The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel’.   The books do not have to be read in order to enjoy the series.

Do not be put off by the title as it is very deceiving.  You are half way through the book before you hit an actual sex scene, although sparks are flying throughout the book.  Yes, the characters are good looking, hot and sexy, but the book is really an emotional, touching story of not so perfect humans.

Firefighter Rick Roman has decided to move from New York City to San Gabriel, California with his teenager son to escape the memories of the death of his firefighter wife at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Sabina Jones is a former star child actress trying to escape her past.  She’s worked hard to become a decorated, top notch firefighter at the notorious fire station of San Gabriel – where everyone is unaware of her past.

These two main characters meet in the most unlikely circumstances – Thanksgiving Day in Las Vegas.  I must admit the way they meet and the time spent in Las Vegas had me worried that the book was going to live up to its title of fluff and no substance.  But once I got past chapter 3, that all changed.

The story is a gripping, emotional tale of how two very flawed people who couldn’t trust, and thought couldn’t love, overcome many obstacles and their own stubbornness to realize their hot chemistry and mutual admiration is really love.

The other wonderful thing about this book is how all the supporting characters are woven into the story.  From their fellow firefighters, to their friends and family, you want to get to know them all  –  thus ensuring that you are going to want to read the whole series!

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