Books for Black History Month

February is Black History Month. Cheshire Library has books to help all ages celebrate!

An simple introduction to African-American history, from Revolutionary-era slavery up to the election of President Obama.

Heart and soul : the story of America and African Americans by Kadir Nelson.

Mandela traces the growth of his understanding of the oppression of the blacks of South Africa; his conviction that there was no alternative to armed struggle; his developing belief that all people, black and white, must be free for true freedom; and the effect that his commitment to overthrowing apartheid had on his family, who

Long walk to freedom : the autobiography of Nelson Mandela by Nelson Mandela.

Kadir Nelson tells the story of Negro League baseball from its beginnings in the 1920s through the decline after Jackie Robinson crossed over to the majors in 1947.

We are the ship : the story of Negro League baseball by Kadir Nelson.

On June 28, 1839, the Spanish slave schooner Amistad set sail from Havana on a routine delivery of human cargo. On a moonless night, the captive Africans rose up, killed the captain, and seized control of the ship. They attempted to sail to a safe port, but were captured by the U.S. Navy. Their legal battle for freedom made its way to the Supreme Court, where they were freed and eventually returned to Africa.

The Amistad rebellion : an Atlantic odyssey of slavery and freedom by Marcus Rediker.

Presents the stories of ten African-American men from different eras in American history, organized chronologically to provide a scope from slavery to the modern day.

Hand in hand : ten Black men who changed America by Andrea Davis Pinkney.

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