I Love Snow

snow 2

I love snow.  Yes, love it!  I know, I’m in the minority – most people tend to complain snowflake 1about snow.  We live in New England.  Snow is a way of life.  Sure, I’m not thrilled with having to scrape the frost and snow off my car, dig the car out, deal with a dead battery, but still, I love snow.  It always makes me smile snowflake 2when I see the flakes falling.  No matter my mood, snow lifts me up.  Out of curiosity, I typed ‘snow’ in the search box of our catalog and 1,224 items came up!  There are children’s books, movies, adult fiction and non-fiction.  Below are a few adult titles that might be of interest.  If nothing appeals to you, take a look at our catalog.  There is sure to be something out of the 1,224 titles that you might want to check out.

the snow brideThe Snow Bride  Debbie Macomber – While journeying to Alaska to marry a man she met on the Internet, Jenna Walsh is kidnapped by Reed Kenner, a fellow passenger, who will do anything to prove that she is making the biggest mistake of her life.

snow in augustSnow in August – Pete Hamill – An unlikely friendship between an eleven-year-old Irish Catholic boy and a lonely rabbi from Prague in 1947 Brooklyn has the two opening new windows of understanding with each other but still fighting the prejudices of the day.

waiting for snow in havanaWaiting for Snow in Havana – Carlos Eire – A survivor of the Cuban Revolution recounts his pre-war childhood as the religiously devout son of a judge,and describes the conflict’s violent and irrevocable impact on his friends, family, and native land.

the snow queenThe Snow Queen – Michael Cunningham – A heartbroken man turns to religion after seeing a vision in the sky above Central Park, while his musician brother takes drugs he thinks will help him compose a ballad for his seriously ill wife.

last snowLast Snow – Eric Van Lustbader – In the aftermath of an American senator’s death on a political trip, presidential Special Advisor Jack McClure is dispatched to investigate a perilous trail throughout Eastern Europe, an assignment that is complicated by his efforts to protect two unlikely companions.

mercy snowMercy Snow – Tiffany Baker – A tragic bus accident has devastating repercussions for two families from opposite sides of the tracks of a tiny New England paper milling town.

sisters of heart and snowSisters of Heart and Snow – Margaret Dilloway – Two estranged sisters reconnect when they return to their childhood home in response to their mother’s dementia diagnosis and one of the pair takes on her mother’s power of attorney.

whiter than snowWhiter Than Snow – Sandra Dallas – When a devastating avalanche traps nine children walking home from school in 1920, the disaster has life-changing effects on the people who live in the small Colorado town where it occurs.

One thought on “I Love Snow

  1. I love snow too! I call the first flakes of the season, “practice snow, ” cause Mother Nature is just getting started. However, she nust have not received the memo. It is almost Christmas and the temps are in the 50’s. The only place it is snowing is on my wordpress blog!


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