Fourth Book In ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Series Planned

Fans of the series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, may be in for a unexpected surprise as Swedish Publisher Norstedts announced plans for a fourth book in theseries.  Author David Lagercrantz will take over from the late Stieg Larsson who died of a heart attack in 2004 before he finished the fourth installment.

The publisher announced the fourth title will be an original work – not using any of Larsson’s unfinished work.  This fourth book is due out August 2015.

Larsson had originally planned 10 books in the series.  The first three books were published posthumously after his untimely death at age 50.  Book two is, The Girl Who Played With Fireand book three is, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. 

Larrson’s U.S. publisher has said that only his estate, which is controlled by Larsson’s family, can authorize the publication of any more books.  So all you fans of this series, keep your fingers crossed that the fourth title will hit U.S. shores!

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