Author Johanna Lindsey

johanna lindsey

Johanna Lindsey

June marks a big milestone for New York Times bestselling historical romance author Johanna Lindsey.  Her 50th novel, One Heart To Win, a western set tale, will be released on June 11.

When she was younger, she was such an avid reader, she found she couldn’t get enough historical romances to read.  She decided to write a book for her own enjoyment – Captive Bride.  It wound up being published in 1977 and was an immediate success.

Johanna’s books span various eras of history – Middle Ages, Regency England, American Old West and the Viking era.  Her stories portray vivid adventures to foreign lands and time periods.

One Heart To Win is on order at the Cheshire Library.  You may place a hold on it if you wish.

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