BOOK REVIEW: Currant Creek Valley by RaeAnne Thayne

raeanne thayneRaeAnne Thayne is a relative newcomer to the small-town romance genre, but she certainly has a winner with her series Hope Crossings.  Currant Creek Valley is the fourth book in the series.  The first three books of the series center around the town uniting to boost each other up after a terrible tragedy.  The titles in order are:

  1.  Sweet Laurel Falls
  2. Woodrose Mountain
  3. Blackberry Summer

Currant Creek Valley, and the next two books, center around how the town comes together to help those outside their community.

Alex McKnight is a chef in the process of opening her very own restaurant.  She has a quick wit and casual approach to life that masks a terrible secret from her past.

Contractor Sam Delgado is looking to start over in a new town with his 6 year old son after the death of his wife.  Alex hires him to put the finishing touches on her restaurant’s kitchen.

They are instantly attracted to each other – much to their dismay!  Neither one is interested in any kind of relationship because they have so much to deal with from their pasts.  The author tells their story with gritty emotion and humor.  There are wonderful descriptions of this picturesque town and the wonderful food Alex creates.

You don’t have to read the original three books first, but it might help you understand the enchanting secondary characters and their backgrounds.  You’ll have time to read them before book five – Willowleaf Lane (July) and book six – Snowflake Canyon (October) are published.

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