BOOK REVIEW: Three Sisters by Susan Mallery

This is a story about three very different women who live in three very distinctive homes on the same street.  Because theirs are the only homes on the street, they are thrown together to forge a very special bond.

Andi is jilted at the altar in Seattle and decides to make a drastic change in her life by buying a rundown home on Blackberry Island.  Being a pediatrician, she plans to have her practice on the main level, and live on the floors above.  Of course, the contractor she hires is single and sexy, but has his flaws too.

Deanna is the “perfect” mom, “perfect” wife, “perfect” homemaker.  But by being perfect, she’s in danger of losing herself and her family.

Boston is an artist who married her college sweetheart.  The death of their six month old son puts her marriage in jeopardy.

The stories of these three women and the men in their lives are intriguing, relateable, poignant, and compelling.  The author weaves emotional tales of love, tragedy, courage and friendship.  I felt so connected to the characters, that I actually cried at the end!

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