I’m in Love with lynda(.com)

ldc-desktop-icon-512x512-300x300Yahoo! The Cheshire Library now has lynda.com.

lynda is an online learning site with over 3,000 courses covering a myriad of topics. Microsoft Office. Personal Finance. Web Design. Social Media. Photography. Happiness.

You can login to lynda.com from the library’s eLearning page on our website. All you need is a Cheshire Library card.

You can take a class on Computer Literacy for Windows 10. You can follow one of lynda’s specially curated Learning Paths and learn how to become a graphic designer, digital marketer,  IT security specialist, and many other careers. You can take a ten minute class on Managing Your Time or an 8 hour course on Word Essential Training.

It’s not all about work and career, either! Focus on personal skills such as Balancing Work and Life, Managing Stress, or Overcoming Procrastination. There are classes on Mindfulness, Learning to Say No, Embracing Change, and Building Self-Confidence.

You can watch a video at midnight. At 2 in the afternoon. Or at 3 in the morning. lynda.com is available 24/7. And the classes are FREE if you have a Cheshire Library card.

Keep an eye on this blog. In the future, I will be highlighting groups of courses available from lynda ranging from business to technology to lifestyle. There’s something for everyone!

What the Heck is eLearning?

QuestionmarkWhat the heck is eLearning?

The mundane definition is “an online collection of educational resources”. But it’s much more than that!

eLearning is learning at your own pace. It is suited to your specific needs. You choose the time, the place, the subject.

Where do you find it? At cheshirelibrary.com/elearning.

What can you find? Job resources, including resume prep and career counseling. Language lessons. Book reviews. School help for Kindergarten through oh-my-God-I’m-going-back-to-school-after-twenty-years!

learningexpressLearning Express, an educational and career resources for all ages,  headlines the Cheshire Library’s eLearning page on our website. Here you will find seven learning centers:

School Center – Resources for elementary, middle school, and high school studentsboard-784347_640
High School Equivalency Center – Resources for the GED, HiSET and TASC
College Prep Center – Prep for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, admissions essays and more!
College Center – Strengthen academic skills, prepare for Grad entrance exams
Career Center – Learn more about a career, prepare for career exams, improve workplace skills
Adult Learning Center  – Improve skills in math, reading, writing; prepare to become a U.S. citizen and more
Recursos en Espanol – Resources for Spanish speaking residents including reading, writing and math, GED prep and American Citizenship prep

Our eLearning page also includes:
JobNow – Resume resources, job interview skills, career assessment
Transparent Language – Learn a language! Over 90 languages to choose from, including ESL.
Muzzy – The world’s #1 language course for kids!
NoveList – Book discussion guides, reviews & sample chapters.  Recommendations & read-alikes for all ages.

The best part? It’s all FREE with your Cheshire Library Card.