Look It up on lynda.com

lyndatutorIf you don’t have time to take a full class or just need a quick answer, lynda.com can help. For those who have never used lynda.com, it is a site of over 3,000 online courses available on the cheshirelibrary.com/elearning page of our website for anyone who holds a current Cheshire Public Library Card.

I frequently use the lynda online classes as a place to find answers to software questions. Need to know how to display all worksheet formulas in Excel? lynda’s Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks course has the answer. Simply scan the table of contents on the left side of the page and click on Display all worksheet formulas instantly. Three minutes and thirty seconds later you will have the answer.

That’s one of the things that is so wonderful about lynda.com. All courses are divided into short videos that are easily searchable. Word 2016 got you down? lynda has a course titled Word 2016 Essential Training. From getting started to formatting text, to using style and themes and many more complicated endeavors, this course has the answers you’re looking for. The entire course is five hours and forty-one minutes, but the average video chapter is only two to three minutes. Videos like Adding pizzazz with special text effects, Illustrating with WordArt, and Getting documents ready for sharing, can save you loads of time.

The number of topics covered in the lynda.com courses is truly astonishing. Photography. Game Design. Microsoft Office. Music. Test Prep. Business Topics. Educator Tools. And on and on.

You can access lynda.com from our website at cheshirelibrary.com/elearning. You must have a Cheshire Library card to login. Once you do, all the answers you need  are only a few minutes away.

Note: lynda.com charges libraries based on the population served by the library.  So when a library subscribes, lynda.com restricts access to those who have cards from that library. If you are not a Cheshire resident, check with your hometown library. More and more libraries are offering lynda.com to their patrons. If you are a Cheshire resident and do not have a card, you can apply for a card online or in person at the library.

I’m in Love with lynda(.com)

ldc-desktop-icon-512x512-300x300Yahoo! The Cheshire Library now has lynda.com.

lynda is an online learning site with over 3,000 courses covering a myriad of topics. Microsoft Office. Personal Finance. Web Design. Social Media. Photography. Happiness.

You can login to lynda.com from the library’s eLearning page on our website. All you need is a Cheshire Library card.

You can take a class on Computer Literacy for Windows 10. You can follow one of lynda’s specially curated Learning Paths and learn how to become a graphic designer, digital marketer,  IT security specialist, and many other careers. You can take a ten minute class on Managing Your Time or an 8 hour course on Word Essential Training.

It’s not all about work and career, either! Focus on personal skills such as Balancing Work and Life, Managing Stress, or Overcoming Procrastination. There are classes on Mindfulness, Learning to Say No, Embracing Change, and Building Self-Confidence.

You can watch a video at midnight. At 2 in the afternoon. Or at 3 in the morning. lynda.com is available 24/7. And the classes are FREE if you have a Cheshire Library card.

Keep an eye on this blog. In the future, I will be highlighting groups of courses available from lynda ranging from business to technology to lifestyle. There’s something for everyone!