Where Did My Games Go?!

Solitaire Screenshot

Solitaire Screenshot

The Windows 10 upgrade removes the classic Windows games we’ve all enjoyed for decades. It replaces games like Solitaire and Minesweeper with new versions that are marred by advertising. Anyone who wants to remove the intrusive ads needs to buy a “Premium” subscription for $10 per year.

In other words, Windows 10 gets rid of beloved and free classic games in an attempt to monetize them. Not cool!

But don’t despair.  You can get your classic games back. A quick Google search reveals numerous sites where you can download the games again. I’ll even give you a link to my favorite option, Winaero, which also provides a tutorial for installing them.

One caveat: if Windows 10 updates, the games are deleted again! You have two options for protecting your Minesweeper habit: (1) Disable Windows Automatic Updates, or (2) Keep the classic games install file, and reinstall when necessary. Your choice!

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