New Cozy Mysteries are Here!



Every month, we get a batch of new  cozy mystery books.   Here are some of the latest. Pick your favorite series or start a new one!

on thin icingOn Thin Icing (A Bakeshop Mystery) – Ellie Alexander – While catering a retreat at the nearby Lake of the Woods Resort, Jules finds things going from bad to worse when her estranged husband shows up determined to reconcile and she stumbles upon a dead body while going to pick up extra supplies.

sweet pepperSweet Pepper Hero (A Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade Mystery) – J.J. Cook – Called in to investigate a local moonshine distillery that was set ablaze, fire chief Stella Griffin, while preparing to judge the annual recipe contest, turns to the town’s elders for answers and discovers a revived whiskey war that could cause her town to go down in flames.

one footOne Foot in the Grove (An Olive Grove Mystery) – Kelly Lane – While licking her wounds on her family’s olive plantation after a personal scandal, Eva Knox is immersed in a murder investigation after a dead body is unearthed on her family’s farm and she becomes the prime suspect in the case.

copy capCopy Cap Murder (A Hat Shop Mystery) – Jenn McKinlay – To promote their hat shop, Scarlett Parker and her cousin, Vivian, wear their most outrageous creations to a swanky soiree hosted by their friend Harrison Wentworth who, after his business rival is murdered during the festivities, needs their help to prove his innocence.

foreign eclairForeign Eclairs (A White House Chef Mystery) – Julie Hyzy – When she becomes part of a bold strategy to make sure a terrorist gets his just desserts, White House executive chef Ollie Paras must stop a killer from serving up an ice-cold dish of revenge. Includes recipes for a complete presidential menu.

to helveticaTo Helvetica and Back (A Dangerous Type Mystery) – Paige Shelton – When the man who demanded that they give him an antique typewriter winds up dead, Chester Henry and his adult granddaughter, Clare, who repair old typewriters and restore old books, must discover which of the dusty, old typewriter’s secrets are worth killing for.

a ghoulsA Ghoul’s Guide to Love and Murder (A Ghost Hunter Mystery) – Victoria Laurie – When the very dagger that keeps the dangerous ghost Oruc and his pet demon locked down in the lower realms is stolen while they are promoting their new film, M.J., Heath and Gilley must enlist a skeptical Boston detective to help stop the paranormal party guests from crashing Gilley’s wedding.

a disguise to die for A Disguise to Die For (A Costume Shop Mystery) – Diane Vallere – When her customer, wealthy nuisance Blitz Manners, is murdered and party planner Ebony Welles is accused of the crime, costume-shop owner Margo Tamblyn must unmask the real killer to save her friend.


for cheddar or worseFor Cheddar or Worse (A Cheese Shop Mystery) – Avery Aames – When pretentious cheese critic Lara Berry is murdered during the annual Cheese Festival in Providence, Ohio, and her best friend stands accused of the crime, cheese-shop owner Charlotte Bessett must slice through the clues to carve out a clever killer to save her friend.

the grim steeperThe Grim Steeper (A Teapot Collector Mystery) – Amanda Cooper – During the Fall Fling Townwide Tea Party in the quaint Finger Lakes town of Gracious Grove, Sophie Taylor, along with her Nana and their friends, the Silver Spouts, must clear her boyfriend’s name of murder after the dean who accused him of falsifying grades is found dead.

a whisker of troubleA Whisker of Trouble (A Second Chance Cat Mystery) – Sofie Ryan – The owner of a second hand shop in North Harbor, Maine, Sarah Grayson and her rescue cat, Elvis, must sniff out a killer when they stumble upon a dead body while searching for fabulous finds on the estate of collector Edison Hall.

a turn for the badA Turn For The Bad (A County Cork Mystery) – Sheila Connolly -When a farmer goes missing and a body washes ashore on the Cork coast, Boston expat Maura Donovan, after listening to the suspicions of her employee, decides to investigate on her own and gets in way over her head.

its a wonderful knifeIt’s A Wonderful Knife (A Comfort Food Mystery) – Christine Wenger – With a broken leg and busy diner during the holiday season, Trixie Matkowski also finds herself the prime suspect in the murder of Liz Fellows, the director of the local Christmas pageant who was found with Trixie’s butcher knife in her back.

town in a cinnamon toastTown In A Cinnamon Toast (A Candy Holliday Murder Mystery) – B.B. Haywood – To save her friend’s wedding, Maine blueberry farmer and occasional sleuth Candy Holliday must put her maid-of-honor duties to the test when the best man is found dead, which exposes a conspiracy that could change the quiet coastal town of Cape Willington forever.

a familiar tailA Familiar Tail (A Witch’s Cat Mystery) – Delia James – Artist Annabelle Britton, who is unlucky in love, arrives in the quaint seaside town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where she finds herself unexpectedly saddled with a witch’s wand, a furry familiar and a coven of witches who gather together to keep the town safe from evil.


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