Connecticut State Park Commission Celebrates 100 Years

waterfallOne hundred years ago, a small group of businessmen and naturalists recognized the need to preserve the state’s special places before they were lost to the industrial revolution and development.  This group, The Connecticut Park Commission, launched a statewide tour to select sites that represented Connecticut’s heritage, beauty and recreational potential.  The first property that was purchased was in Westport in 1913 and, in 1914, Sherwood Island State Park opened.  Today, there are 107 state parks and 32 state forests that see 7.8 million visitors each year.

A year-long Centennial celebration is planned. The official centennial observation will be kickeddino off by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on August 14th with a reception at Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill.  For more information on centennial activities, and information about  Connecticut’s parks and forests, here is a link to the State of Connecticut’s website.

The Commission generously provides one free State Parks and Forests pass that can be used at any state park or forest  to every library in the state.  The Library purchased one pass with money provided by the Friends of the Cheshire Public Library.  Four passes were purchased with a private memorial donation – giving the Library 6 passes in total.  These passes are valid until December 31, 2013.

The Cheshire Public Library has a wonderful selection of  museum passes available to a variety of places.  For more information on these passes and their availability, click here.

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