January is National Soup Month

national soup

How fitting that January – the coldest month of year – is National Soup Month!  Great time of year to experiment and enjoy some home-made soup!

Love Soup 160 all new vegetarian recipes features black bean and squash soup in the fall, smoky eggplant soup in midsummer, rib-sticking chowder, or seductively perfumed wild mushroom soup for Christmas. Love Soup also provides recipes for breads, hummus, pesto, salads, and homey desserts–and simple menus that put soup at the heart of the meal.

Soup offers more than 40 easy-to-follow recipes, including both classic favorites and fresh new ideas. In these pages, you’ll find inspiring soups designed to fit any occasion at any time of year—from a quick and simple meal to an enjoyable lunch in the garden.

Saved by Soup: more than 100 low-fat soup recipes to eat and enjoy everyday. Author Judith Barrett lost pounds and inches using these mouthwatering recipes, each of which contains less than three grams of fat per serving. And cutting the fat posed no bar to creating soups with incredible flavor and only one gram of fat.

Soup of the Day. This tantalizing collection of 365 recipes offers a soup for each day of the year. From January to December, you’ll find daily inspiration and a seasonal soup that will satisfy any craving or fit any occasion.

The New England Soup Factory Cookbook  contains more than 100 mouth-watering recipes. It also includes anecdotes and inspiring stories that provide insight into Marjorie Drucker’s creative process and her passion for all things soup related.

Soup Makes the Meal is divided into 50 menus, each including a soup, a salad, and a bread recipe. Best of all, the soups don’t require homemade stock, many (but not all) of the breads are quick breads, and the salads range from light to hearty.

Sunday Soup: a year’s worth of mouthwatering easy-to-make recipes features 60 recipes, one for each Sunday of the year and then some. With recipes like Gulf Coast Shrimp Gumbo, Dreamy Creamy Artichoke Soup, and Icy Cucumber Soup with Smoked Salmon and Dill you can enjoy soup in every season.

The Soup Club Cookbook: feed your friends, feed your family, feed yourself.  Four busy moms and neighbors who started making and sharing soup dinners once a month provide recipes for filling soups and sides, as well as storage tips and instructions for starting a neighborhood soup club.

Soup & Stew includes more than 40 easy-to-follow recipes, including both classic preparations and innovative ideas for the busy cook. In these pages, you’ll find tempting options for every occasion, from first-course soups and light puréees to meaty braises and comforting stews.

Food Made Fast. Soup  is about delicious food, simply prepared, with easy-to-follow recipes and tips. Each book emphasizes keeping a well-stocked pantry, planning ahead, and using fresh ingredients as the keys to cooking delicious meals with a minimum of time and effort.

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