Looking For Some Hot Romance to Read?

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We’re into the hot and steamy summer.  Here’s a new author with a hot romance series to help you feel the burn.

Chanel Cleeton is the author of the new series Wild Aces.  It’s about a group of  F-16 fighter pilots who fly fast, love hard, and live dangerously.  The stories are sexy, funny, emotional, and heart wrenching.  These are the very realistic portrayals of relationships between military and non-military couples – touching on the struggles and triumphs of loving a military person.

flyThe first book in the series is Fly With Me.   While partying in Las Vegas, clothing boutique owner Jordan Callahan takes a gamble on U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Noah Miller, but when the dangers of his job become all too real, she must decide whether or not she is ready to risk everything for love.

Having the story told from both Jordan’s and Noah’s point of view in vivid detail was an added bonus.  The author nailed the dynamics between them – the reader feels their frustration, their happiness, their love, their wild ride of emotions.  The characters are in their 30’s or older, so there is a bit of maturity about the story.  The secondary characters prove to be just as interesting as the main couple and you’ll be eager to read about them in upcoming books.

Being in love is hard.  Being in the military adds a whole other dimension to it.  This is a beautifully written story that let’s you inside the emotional journey.

intoBook two is Into the Blue .    Eric Jansen—call sign Thor—loves nothing more than pushing his F-16 to the limit. Returning home to South Carolina after a tragic loss, he hopes to fix the mistake he made long ago, when he chose the Air Force over his fiancée.  Becca Madison isn’t quick to welcome Thor back. She can’t forget how he shattered her heart. But Thor won’t give up once he’s set his sights on what he wants—and he wants Becca.  Thor shows Becca that he’s no longer the impulsive boy he used to be, and Becca finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But will Thor be able to walk away from his dream of flying the F-16 for their love or does his heart belong to the sky?

About The Author

chanelOriginally a Florida girl,  Chanel moved to London where she received a bachelor’s degree from Richmond, The American International University in London and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Chanel fell in love with London and planned to stay there forever, until fate intervened on a Caribbean cruise and a fighter pilot with smooth dance moves swept her off her feet. Now, a happily ever after later, Chanel is living her next adventure.  She started out with publishing e-books and has now graduated to paperback novels.

Caution:  This series may be too sexually explicit for some readers. (But you can do what I do, skip over the explicit parts.  These books are too good to pass up!)

Back to the Drawing Board? Charlie Hunnam Drops out of “Fifty Shades” Movie

Actor Charlie Hunnam is no longer on board to play Christian Grey in the highly anticipated movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Mere weeks after announcing Hunnam’s casting in the role, the studios behind the film, Universal Pictures and Focus Features, have released this statement:

“The filmmakers of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead given Hunnam’s immersive TV schedule, which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Grey.”  Hunnam is best know for his role on the FX drama “Sons of Anarchy“. No word yet on whether this will affect the casting of Dakota Johnson as the female lead,  Anastasia Steele.

Fifty Shades of Grey – The Movie

The casting decisions have been made and production will begin soon for the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam

Thirty-three year old Charlie Hunnam has been cast as Christian Grey.  He recently starred in the movie “Pacific Rim” and appeared in the FX series “Sons of Anarchy”.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson

Twenty-three year old Dakota Johnson has been cast as Anastasia Steele.  She is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.  She recently appeared in the short-lived Fox sit-com “Ben and Kate” and had roles in “The Social Network” and “The Five-Year Engagement”.

Focus Features will release the film on August 1, 2014. Sam Taylor-Johnson is directing the project.  It will be interesting to see if they can keep it ‘R’ rated or will they have to go to NC17?

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

UPDATE:  It seems not everyone is happy with the above choices.   Angry fans of the book are petitioning to have Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer cast as the leads.  The petition has 20,000 signatures so far.