Hooray For Print Books!

book eIt was recently announced by Nielsen Books & Consumer that both hardcovers and paperbacks outsold ebooks in the first half of 2014.  According to Nielsen’s survey, ebooks made up only 23 percent of sales, while hardcovers made up 25 percent and paperbacks 42 percent.  In other words, hardcovers and paperbacks individually outsold ebooks.  Yeah!

I may be among the meager few, but I do not own any kind of e-reader.  I will never own any kind of e-reader.  It’s not that I don’t like technology,  I just love books printed on paper.  I love how they feel – even how they smell!  There’s something about holding a book in your hand and physically turning the page that’s more appealing than looking at pixels on a screen.  I love the convenience of them.  Just the other day, I was in a doctor’s waiting room book2and a woman was reading from an ereader.  When she was called in, she struggled to mark her place, then turn the device off, flip the cover on, then dropping it on the floor before being able to put it in her purse.  I, on the other hand, was reading a paperback.  When my name was called, I put in my cute little bookmark and that was that!    Another great thing about printed books is not having to  worry about battery life, finding your power cord, or losing your electricity before you can power up your reader.  I especially like that I don’t have to spend money to buy a device to read a book or dropping and breaking an expensive electronic device.   When you get your books from the library, it doesn’t cost a cent to read them!

Apparently, I’m not alone in preferring print books.  In a recent survey, 65% of those polled reported they like the feel of a gift2real book, 61% say physical books help them learn better (can use post-its, highlighters), 58% like to be bookshelfable to lend and borrow books, 53% said they like the visual aspect of printed books (covers, pictures, maps), 45% reported they like to be able to resell their books, 44% like to collect and display their books (they are a great decorating tool), 44% enjoying giving books as gifts, 42% prefer browsing bookstores and 9% like to show off what they are reading.

Oh, I know there are some benefits to ereaders.  Like you can load multiple books on them.  But, how many books can you read at one time?  Some people like to save books so they can read them over again.  But once I know how the story ends, it kind of takes the fun out of reading it again.

bveWe can debate the pros and cons between printed and ebooks, but the important thing to remember is that reading is a great activity and it’s wonderful that we have a variety of formats to choose from.  Whichever format you prefer, printed book, audiobook or ebook, the Cheshire Public Library has the best selection to choose from!



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