Coming Soon on DVD

Missed it in the theater?  Saw it but can’t wait to see it again?  Trying to think of something to buy someone for a gift, or what to ask for?  Here’s a list of some of this year’s biggest films and shows being released on DVD just in time for the holiday season. Just remember, while the library orders items as fast as we can, we, too, are limited by the release date, so always allow at least two weeks AFTER the release for us to have the DVD’s out and ready for you to watch.  Until we enter the item into the computer, we cannot place holds on it. Still don’t see it in the computer?  Request that we order it!  We love to know what people are looking for.


To browse our online catalog for the latest DVDs, visit our website

and select “CATALOG” from the top navigation bar:


Then select “DVD/Video Search“, sort by “New to Old“, and click “Search