There’s Just Something About A Cowboy!

Contemporary Western Romances  have become very popular reads.  That cowboy drawl, the tight jeans, the muscular body, the slightly long and unruly hair, chaps,  the “yes ma’m, thank you ma’m”, the tough exterior with the soft and gentle heart – it stirs a woman’s heart!  The Cheshire Library has many titles to choose from that will get your heart afluttering.  Listed below are some of our most popular.

Cowboy Take Me Away by Jane Graves.  This is the first in her new series Rainbow Valley, Texas.   She also has several other titles on our Romance paperback shelves, including the very popular series Plano, Texas featuring Hot Wheels and High Heels, Tall Tales and Wedding Veils, Black Ties and Lullabies, Heartstrings and Diamond Rings.

Katie Lane has a popular series, Deep in the Heart of Texas.  Titles in this series include: Trouble In Texas, Catch Me A Cowboy, Going Cowboy Crazy, Make Mine A Bad Boy.

Carolyn Brown’s final book in her Spikes and Spurs series, Cowboy Seeks Bride, will be out in August (we’ll be ordering it when the new fiscal year starts).  The other books in the series are: Love Drunk Cowboy, Red’s Hot Cowboy, Darn Good Cowboy Christmas, One Hot Cowboy Wedding, Mistletoe Cowboy and Just a Cowboy and His Baby.

C H Admirand has a hot cowboy series – The Secret Life of Cowboys.  Titles are:  Tyler, Dylan and Jesse.

Emma Cane has a cute series – Valentine Valley.  True Love at Silver Creek Ranch is the latest.  A Town Called Valentineis the first.

Cardwell Ranch Trespasser is book number 3 in B. J. Daniels series Cardwell Ranch.  Book one is Unforgiven.  Book two is Redemption.

Joanne Kennedy’s newest cowboy book is Cowboy Tough.  She also has several other titles on our shelves.

Laura Moore has a new series, Silver Creek.  Book one is Once Tempted.  Her Rosewood Trilogy was very popular.  Book one is Remember Me.  Book two is Believe in Me.  Book three is Trouble Me.                                                                            cowboy sunset

Other popular authors that write Contemporary Western Romances are:  Janet Dailey, Joan Johnson, Jodi Thomas, Debbi Macomber, Kat Martin, Linda Lael Miller, Diana Palmer and Jodi Thomas.  Come  in and check out our extensive collection in the Romance Paperback section of the library.

BOOK REVIEW: Once Tempted by Laura Moore

This is book one of the new series Silver Creek.  We are introduced to the Knowles family who own and operate the Silver Creek Ranch in California.  Not only is this a working ranch with cattle, goats, and sheep, it is also a first class resort.  This book centers on Ward Knowles, the oldest son of three children.  He was once engaged to a woman who turned out to be a gold digger, so he is not at all looking for romance.  He is dedicated to making the Silver Creek Ranch the best ranch and resort it can be.

Tess Casari is a born and bred New Yorker and Events Planner.  She endured a horrific marriage, then stood by her ex-husband while he died from a brain tumor.  Wanting to totally escape and start over, she and her friend come up with a unique idea that lands Tess in Acacia, California – home to Silver Creek Ranch.  She finds sanctuary there as an assistant to Ward’s mother, Adele.

Ward and Tess are like water and oil and, at first, think the sparks between them are because they dislike each other so much.  But as time goes on, they begin to realize there is something more and decide to have a no strings, no expectations relationship.  It was fun to watch Ward and Tess navigate through their relationship.  The author was also very adept at working their pasts into the storyline.

The pace of the book is a little slow.  A lot of time is spent on the scenery and ranch life.  But this sets up a beautifully written book.  The story is compelling and there are a whole host of secondary characters that provide depth and interest.  I can’t wait to see what happens next at Silver Creek Ranch!