June is Audiobook Appreciation Month! Did You Know Audiobooks Raise Reading Scores?

Some people consider audiobooks “cheating” or “not really reading”. But did you know including audiobooks in your child’s reading can improve their overall reading abilities? Not to mention, they are lots of fun! Cheshire Library has hundreds of audiobook titles for children and teens,  in both CD and digital formats.

Audiobooks have been used in classrooms for decades because listening builds a another set of skills than visual reading. Oral language precedes written language developmentally, making listening an important component of language acquisition. Audiobooks are a proven resource for teaching reading, at all reading levels. Among the many benefits, listening builds critical vocabulary, comprehension, fluency and listening skills; in fact, adding a listening component to reading instruction has been shown to improve student achievement.


Among the many benefits, audiobooks:

  • reinforce literacy skills.
  • supplement reading instruction to develop a positive attitude towards literature.
  • develop understanding of content area material when decoding or other literacy skills are delayed.
  • model the appropriate use of oral vocabulary, fluent reading, and use of phonics.
  • bring literature from the classroom to home and back on a portable device.

Why not add some audiobooks to your reading list today? In addition to CD audiobooks in our library, audiobooks are also available to download via the library’s online OverDrive  and OneClick Digital catalogs.

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